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Another great era for the Andrews 30, Bondi Tram, is underway. Trent McBride, owner of Banks Sails in Kemah, Texas, took ownership today. And Trent has a great payback model underway to the sailing community. If you want your local sailing and racing program to progress into the future, try Trent’s model.
bondi 2I haven’t had the boat out of the dock in about five years and a great racing machine was starting to get into that horrible stage of wasting away from lack of attention. So, Trent offered to take the boat and put it back in condition to provide a learning program for sailing and racing for the Galveston Bay Sea Scouts and other youth programs.
Title and registration were transferred at Texas Parks and Wildlife yesterday and Bondi will be moving out of its home in the Kemah Boardwalk Marina at the end of April after 14 years in slip C-13, and yes, we contracted for the slip on purpose.
And Bondi Tram will then have a program of repair, restoration, and upgrades. With the participation of the youth sailing community in upper Galveston Bay, Texas.
But, the most important thing to note is that Trent is taking ownership to refurbish the boat and make it available to the local Sea Scouts as a learning and racing platform that he will finance as owner and then make available to the Sea Scouts and other youth groups, without the financial burden to the those orgainzations.
The young sailors will have to put in time to learn about repairs and refurbishing, (and I would expect that Scott Tuma will help manage this effort to teach the young sailors, (he was the only sailing professional who ever had the rigging contract for the boat) to earn the chance to learn how to sail and race a high performance keel boat.
The boat does need to address the deck, topsides, upgrades to standing and running rigging and electronics, but Trent seems committed to providing a competitive boat for the young sailors.
This is a strong financial and time commitment from an independent business owner in the local sailing community and needs to be recognized. And the sailing community needs to get behind this effort.
So if your child is a member of a sailing program, local sailing/racing summer program,, the Sea Scouts, etc. and even if you are not from the Galveston Bay sailing community, contact Trent at Banks Sails and plan on spending a day with learning and working on the boat. And get some sailing time on the Bay before you head home.
How cool would that be to spend a weekend with one of your children working on a boat and doing some sailing. I bet that would make for a great bonding conversation on the way home.
Help with a day of work, pay for a block, a halyard, etc. This is a high performance sailboat and will need to purchase high performance rigging.
I plan to be available to provide historical background on the design basis (MORC) and the racing legacy started with the Texas A&M at Galveston program (Dr. Tiltometer and the floating shoulder, “Can you really sail that low by the lee James?”, “Okay, time for a team meeting in the cockpit before the next race”, one of the best college coaches that is now back home in Australia having the time of he and his wonderful wife’s life), Scott Tuma (no it doesn’t foil, but you did enjoy the horizon jobs on the single handed races”), the Maudlin family (“the homeless guy”, “Marla you need to see Nick at the awards for the NOOD”, “please don’t hurt him Clark”), the Gallemore family (our boat manager Tami Gallemore was the most fun of all of us and did the best dock parties you could imagine and took this picture of the boat), and her husband Bruce who kept the faith with “no cell phones no lawyers”, Tim and the picture of the real Bondi Tram signed by the crew (very special bud, very special), and all the various team members that raced on the boat. A lot of humor in some of those legacy stories.
And it’s an incredible history, such as, the first sail loft to make sails for me on my first boat made the last sails ever from his loft for Bondi Tram before the loft was sold to Trent McBride. The head of the family that made my first sails and made them for the Bondi racing program seeing his son drive Bondi to his first keel boat win on Bondi. And his son helped make all this happen. (John, Marla and Nick Maudlin). Oh, and I was around with John and Marla before Nick was born.
So, Bondi Tram will sail on with a new owner/skipper, young crew and hopefully having as much fun as we all had together.
And a lot of the older racing sailors on the Bay that raced against the boat and knew it well will be looking at that polished mast/boom and great design profile and thinking, “oh shit, it’s back again”.
Trent, I hope that others will follow your model to bring young sailors into the sport with coaching and education. – Clark Hull.
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