fresno actually does rule

We’re back…at least…we think we are.

anticipated-lake-levelsAfter a 2 year hiatus the Fresno Yacht Club presents the new and improved High Sierra Regatta. Two years of draught conditions took away our lake.  It has been uncomfortable, but…that which does not kill us…ya’ know.   It gave us the opportunity…no…actually it forced us…to rethink the regatta format from the ground up.   This year is a re-boot of a 60 year tradition with a modern twist.
One of the complaints we’ve had for years is, “It’s a long way to come for a three race event”.  The trend in racing has been for more races with an emphasis on starts, boat handling and mark roundings on short courses.  We have been locked in to the longer race format because we only had one start finish line.  “We’ve always done it that way”…Damn, I hate that phrase!
This year we are going to have a separate start finish line which will allow us to have 5 races over 2 days.  But wait, that’s not all…
…As our little club has dwindled and aged, we’ve lost the party attitude that should be a part of every regatta.  We’re bringing the party back. WE DO THIS FOR FUN!  AM I RIGHT?
We’re planning an epic Saturday night dinner party…food, music, video (drone and regular) from the race day and of course there will be a great bar.  We will be providing bus transportation from the launch area to (and back from) the dinner party venue at the China Peak Resort.  So, no holding back!  Let’s have a party!
I started this announcement with the caveat:  …at least we think we are [back]. Water is still an unresolved question.  While Southern California Edison is assuring us that there will be enough water for the month of July, they do not own the water and are not in complete control over it.
This water is the hardest working water in the world.  The big creek water provides 1,115 megawatts of super clean power to California homes and businesses each year.  That’s enough to power 500,000 homes for a whole year.  After producing all that energy, the water flows down Big Creek into the San Joaquin River to Millerton Lake Where it’s used for recreation, municipalities, farms and the San Joaquin River restoration project.
Each of those constituencies has a claim on the amount and timing of delivery.  All those considerations have to be balanced by the engineers and hydrologists of Southern California Edison.  It isn’t always under their control.  We are putting our faith in the fact that this has been a normal water year and that means plenty of water for a Huntington Lake Summer of sailing.  So make your plans to come up and sail/race/party with us in July.
For official regatta information, go to: http://fresnoyachtclub.org/files/2016/03/HSR-NoR-rev-16-Mar-2016.pdf. – Professor Irwin.