rollin' with the new

Big Pimpin’
seascape 24The last time we saw revolutionary design in the twenty-something performance cruiser Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” was setting a new trend with the then nascent music video, Apple had just released the first Macintosh which weighed nearly 20 lbs, and the internet was still a decade out from ubiquity.
Thus the boys at Seascape thought it was high time to bring sailing out of the 80’s and into the 21st century: enter the Seascape 24. A slick daysailer offering the same creature comforts of the previous century’s small cruiser, (simple deck layout, fun sailing potential and standard four sleeping berths) the Seascape 24 addresses the design and lifestyle needs of today’s sailing family; including a variable draft through her swing keel, lifting rudders and easy ramp launching. And like the Seascape 18 and Seascape 27, the Seascape 24 is fully trailerable.
First production have sold out in pre-sales in Europe. Seascape has increased production to meet the robust demand. Now available in Europe and in the US. For more information check-out: www.thinkseascape.com and www.seascapeusa.com.
Wanna see how she goes in 30 true? Check this video.