cuts like a knife

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SEPPUKU– /sɛˈpuːkuː/ noun : A form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment. Originally reserved for samurai and part of the bushido honor code, seppuku was used by samurai to die with honor rather than fall into the hands of their enemies or performed because they had brought shame to themselves.
For many years, Sailing Anarchy has called Mari Cha IV the ultimate expression of the racing monohull, so when we found out the monster Briand/Elliott schooner was being refitted as a luxury cruiser, we were optimistic that she was, at least, not being cut up and left next to a dumpster.  Now, with her our of the shed and sporting the name Samurai and an entirely new and completely wannabe Wally look – we’re not sure she wouldn’t have been better off with ritual suicide.  Note: We know the refit was done beautifully to very high Royal Huisman standards, and we are not complaining about any of that; we’re just sad that such a unique piece of competition history is yet another multi-million dollar toy to blend in with all the other multi-million dollar toys.
Are we crazy?  See for yourself. Photo thanks to Xanthe Bowater.