the right way!

Anarchist BooBoo is one of the good guys and we are always stoked to get his reports. Hard not to love what these blokes are all about…
My Sun Fast 3600 program is going well, had my first crack at Solo sailing last weekend in a coastal race, bloody hard work but I loved it. Have a 250nm 2 handed race next month as part of our build up for the Round North island 2 handed next Feb. Auckland regatta tomorrow, got a good team of renegades coming from all over NZ, we plan to race the hell out of the boat and then get absolutely bent out of shape at the crew party on Saturday night.
Anyway I thought you might like this little compilation video of some of our good times on the little Elliott 35 Crusader. Next up is the Fiji race.  Just so much fun and a great team (both on the water and for the ‘shore based’ activities…)