you say you want a revolution?

US Sailors do not have the stones to do what the Dutch have done – do something other than blind allegiance to their unresponsive and unrepresentative  national sailing authority. 
Pasted below is a google trans of an article that describes what some very serious sailors are doing to shake up things in their country. Lots of people in lots of places talk about it, but the Dutch are actually doing something about it. What country will be next?
Some passionate sailors and the National Youth Platform Competitive sailing is the initiative launched to accommodate the interests of the Dutch sailing in an independent National Sailing Association. The main reason for this initiative is that the Sailing Federation has imposed on itself several core activities and who hardly have anything to do with the sailing sport.
To this end, a team with the working title “Bond Working Group Sail Netherlands. The initiators believe that the sailing sport, both nationally and internationally, is not represented well enough by the Royal Dutch Sailing Federation. It is not the intention that the proposed Sailing League will take the place of the Sailing Federation. The initiators want only the ‘regatta sports’ post in a separate Sailing Federation.
No focus on sailing
Sailing Federation has imposed itself various activities and key tasks that hardly have anything to do with the sailing sport. The Netherlands has in almost all sports its own sports association that guarantees everything that happens within that sport. The Dutch racers can not rely on such Sail Association. They must share the attention of the Sailing Federation with many others, for racers irrelevant, disciplines.
Finances and attention given by the Sailing Federation of the sailing sport goes overwhelmingly to the very narrow section topsails.
The grassroots group sees the increased aging. The national contest fields are becoming smaller, owning a boat is not a rule lake and water sports clubs can not facilitate sufficient. hardly working on youth recruitment and sport. Youth sail training has been not updated for decades and there is no reliable and unambiguous vision of structure, training and logistics.
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