ChickenshitYou may recall I posted a little thing a while back (which turned into a big thing in the forum) on Anarchy being protested for one of the most unimportant, inconsequential and laughable things ever.
Brad Alberts, the owner of a Beneslow 47.7 El Sueno, was on a jihad to throw us out of a Cortez Racing Association race for not having a CRA member onboard, even though no such requirement can be found in either the NOR or SI’s.
As if the merits of the protest being completely retarded weren’t enough, the protest itself was not only filled too late, it failed to site any actual rule that was alleged to have been broken.
I knew it was a bullshit protest from the jump, and so did the CRA Protest Committee tonight as they disallowed the protest for not being filled on time at the hearing tonight. He filled the protest 11 days after the imginary “foul” was purported to have taken place. Doh.
What’s awesome, besides this clown losing, (and apparently still bitching about it), is that Anarchist Brass wrote an incredibly accurate assessment of the protest, and he was 100% right. Jump in the thread to read it, and be sure to do some bitching yourself – ed.