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K Mag is ripping it up so far at the MEXORC
Sun, wind, surf, beaches, and a beautiful city… Have you ever seen From Here to Eternity?  We’ll neither have I but I am sure it would be something like this week of sailing in Puerto Vallarta.  If you are not familiar with the MEXORC regatta then now is the time to start preparing for your adventure down here in 2018.  PV is an awesome town and the sailing on Banderas bay is nothing short of spectacular.
Team Tiwmeshaver, Viggo Torbemsen’s J-125, traveled from Laguna Beach California and again am fortunate to be part of the team.  For this event we have been sailing with ten people and really could do with one more.  Our competition comes in the form of four Farr 40’s and two Santa  Cruz 50’s.   It’s a great fleet and the pedigree of sailors is large.
So far we are about 2/3 of the way finished with this event and are having a great time.  A combination of W/L and random leg racing make up the week long event.  My favorite day of course was Wedensday.  The lay day where I got to go surf for 7 hours at a few different breaks. One of them I was the only one in the water on some head high sets.  Did I mention surfing is the best?
Anyways the sailing right? The First day I was shocking. Crew was great but we never recovered from a bad start put together by yours truly.  Thankfully we recovered with four straight bullets including two overall wins in the random leg races.  We even corrected out over the Tp-52’s by like 6 minutes (don’t quote me on that I just listen to my crew since I never really look at the results).  Sailing into the finish line leading the fleet in the pursuit races we peeled from the 2A Rasta kite to our 5A all out planing kite and finished doing about 16kts.  Yesterday in the random leg race we did the same thing with the same result.
With two days left it is still anyone’s regatta and we are ready to work hard.  The W/L races have been difficult because the course is really one sided and you need a good start and clean air.  Our mast is shorter by a significant amount and we stop in bad air.  So basically I have one job, get to the line on time and let the crew make the boat go fast.