where are your papers?

papers pleaseDidn’t US Ailing get the memo – forcing people to join their nearly useless organization just to sail in a regatta is not only bad policy, it is the kind of over arching control that goes against the very essence of choice. I had forgotten about their draconian measures when I entered in the SD Nood, but was quickly reminded by the email below. Just another reason why we loathe US Ailing and the ass-kissers at Sailing World. 
Hello San Diego NOOD Regatta Registrants,
US Sailing is excited that you will be participating in the 2016 NOOD Regatta San Diego! Sailing World organizers want to let you know that the boats Owner and/or skipper is required to be a current member of your National Governing Body to participate.
According to the Notice of Race:
3. ELIGIBILITY and entry 3.2
3.2. The Helly Hansen NOOD Regattas are open to those boats whose Owner and/or Skipper is a current member of their National Governing Body (US SAILING for USA members; to join call 1-800-877-2451.)
Through the last day of competition March 20, 2016.
Please take care of this quickly – membership will be checked at the regatta.
Oh don’t worry, we won’t be there. – ed.