K Mag shares the agony (or is it?) of defeat…
Emotions are part of sailboat racing and trying to sum up our race and what we experienced is especially difficult this time. Everyone on the boat is dealing with some sort of “what if” scenario in their own heads and it is interesting to see how people respond to disappointment.
Yes we had a great race up until Cabo and after reading my mid race report it was apparent that spirits were high. Someone made the comment that I leave myself open when writing that during a race because something like this might happen. I do not really care though because I live in the moment and take every experience as it is and accept it all. In case you are wondering what I am talking about then take a look at the tracker for the San Diego to PV Race.
The ride down the Baja peninsula was nothing short of amazing. The J-125 Timeshaver was performing perfectly and smiles were on everyone’s face. These were the moments I live for. Good people, good laughs and the occasional grumpiness make it a well rounded experience.
It all sort of came crashing to a halt as we rounded Cabo. We had been leading the charge in the small 125 and now had the decision to make on rounding th tip of Baja. We chose poorly. We wanted to cut the corner and sail the shortest distance through the lee. Somewhat of a gamble but I like to go big so did not even blink when the navigator told us the plan. I was all in.
It looked good for a bit. Especially when we came cruising into the bay for a little tour. Well worth the price of admission. As we exited the area we found ourselves in light air and getting lighter. This trend continued and the angles got worse.
After watching our competition slip away we had one more possibility, first in class. As the morning dragged on we were gasping at straws. We had to go upwind to the finish with our only headsail… the number three. What happened to our big genoas? If you know me you can ask, or do what sailors love to do and speculate like some random’s are doing in the forums.
Again this was an amazing experience only made better by the awesome crew and good friends I got to share it with. Viggo Torbensen is the man that makes this all happen and it truly is a pleasure to be involved with his Timeshaver team. No matter what place we end up there is one thing for sure, we go big.