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dinner served

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 8.18.23 PMIf 500 miles a day isn’t cruisey enough for you, how about a metre-long barracuda coming over the stern?  Shannon Falcone posts this pretty pre-sashimi shot from the Charleston to Antigua delivery on the eve of the already-a-legend RORC Caribbean 600. Go to Instagram to find the usual advice from the ciguaphobic.
While the RORC’s only major fuckup – a useless registration system that makes it tough to find anything but an overall entry list – makes it hard to give you exact links, the quality of the fleet and the stories that abound make it worth watching:
Biggest fleet ever?  Check.
MOD70 match race featuring the most successful British sailing recordbreaker ever against France’s most-revered shorthanded sailor? Check.
Dozens of schooner sailors flinging 200-footers around like massive wooden dinghies?  Check.
Two of America’s newest maxi canters, one of them with a serious fishing pedigree? Check.
Race starts tomorrow morning.  What’s not to love?  Track here.