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On Board
After an interesting start and first few hours we got into a groove and are plugging away south fast! We reached out of San Diego on our way to Puerto Vallarta with our 5A Fractional kite and peeled to the new Rasta 2A as we began to battle with our old Nemesis the Blue boat that blazes. It was close until the wind came on and we got into J-125 mode. She owes us a lot of time and we crossed them a few times in the night so we were feeling good.
Life on board is interesting as always. The Hippy is happy to report that we are top of the list in our class and closest boat to the finish… That feels good considering all the hurdles we jump over on this boat.. I won’t go into detail but we spent the first half a day fixing our batteries, again (please see Cabo Race report). After we got all that dialed in we started sailing a great race. Top speed so far is 20.3 kts by your truly and that followed some sustained planing in the 17-18kt range. Yes this boat is awesome people.
My trip has been great so far. Really focused on the racing and Hippy is putting us in the right direction. As of 23 hours into the race we have gone 263NM, pretty decent for a 40ft boat! Hopefully this keeps us in front of the weather and in the wind. Track ’em here – they are looking great.