money wins!

money wins
Nobody is fooling anybody here – Money, plain and simple, won the Melges 20 Miami Winter Regatta. Our guesstimate at the combined daily rate paid to the pros on the first and second place Kilroy boats is something around $6,000. Per day. Every day. That is every race day, ¬†practice day (of which there are way, way, way more than actual race days). That is what is paid to the pros. Just to go sailing. Every day. $6,000 between two Kilroy Melges 20’s. Every. Fucking. Day.
And we haven’t even talked about the rest of the program – the exclusive North Sail sail agreement they have, or the untouchable boat preparation, or the accommodations, physical therapists, etc., etc., etc.. Money rules. Every. Fucking. Time.
No one isn’t saying the Kilroy kid isn’t any good, but what kid wouldn’t be with such an incredible advantage? You could plug in about 100 junior sailors from virtually anwahere in the world and they’d be doing exactly this. Maybe even better.
You can’t beat this. You will never beat this. Money wins. Every. Fucking. Time. Way to go, winners. You really played an even field – you must be so proud.
Shouldn’t you sue us now?
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