the circle jerks

US Sailing and Leadership in the same sentence? That’s almost as funny as World Sailing and leadership. Yet this US Ailing “forum” in Dago is one your Editor was purposely not invited to speak.  They offered  me a “media pass” (Are you fucking kidding?)  but they didn’t want me anywhere near a microphone.
And who can blame them? Can you imagine the horror of a former radio talk show host who isn’t an ass-kissing sycophant actually having something to say that wasn’t the same tiresome shit that people who attended these things always seem to say? Daring to call-out those who try to spin their bullshit? No no no! There can’t be a dissenting voice, a criticism, or an occasional f-bomb thrown about. You see, this is for the civilized folk – those who talk and say nothing, who talk and do nothing.
The ironically perfect “Leadership Council” is filled with the same know nothing, know-it-all’s and career status-quo enablers as usual.  It will promise change and bold thinking, and forward progress and, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
It will amount to the same pontificators and back-slappers uncomfortably rambling on about things they know almost nothing about.  Oh sure there will be opinions – almost all of them predictable, lame and incredible time-sucks.
But for the rest of you, The great Circle Jerk  awaits!
Stand back in amazement as the self-important, glad-handing Craig Leweck “ums” and “uhs” his way through way too many minutes of a mind numbing bore-fuck than one could ever imagine!
Behold as the smug and ever rotund  Dawn Riley squirts forth volumes of tough talk about nothing!
I could go on, but really, what’s the point? It’s a status-quo suck off and I don’t swallow.