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breaking the silence

As we surmised the day his resignation was announced, former ISAF CEO Peter Sowrey said today that didn’t leave sailing’s governing body voluntarily – he claims he was voted out by the “World Sailing” Executive Committee for refusing to give in to Rio 2016 organizers and the ISAF board on racing in Guanabara Bay.  From Steve Wade’s AP report:
The former chief executive of World Sailing has claimed he was fired for pushing to get rid of the polluted Guanabara Bay as the venue for the sport at the Rio Olympics. Peter Sowrey tried to change the venue but was “told to gag myself on the subject”.
“The board felt I was way too aggressive. They basically voted me out. I didn’t resign. The board finally told me to leave.”
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UPDATE:  ISAF/World Sailing says Sowrey is full of shit, though their corporatized denial doesn’t really address the facts of the situation.  Judge for yourself, and check back here Thursday afternoon for a full hour-long interview between ISAF Chief Marketing Officer Malcolm Page and Sailing Anarchy Senior Editor Alan Block about the Sowrey mess, the name change, the World Cup and World Sailing TV plans, and the Israel debacle.  This is one you won’t want to miss.