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Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.44.03 AMAfter a career-hindering injury he suffered back in 2011, sailing pro Kenny Nevor came up black last week in the Litigation Lottery after more than 4 years of fighting Moneypenny LLC, the entity that owns and operates Jim Schwartz’ line of James Bond-themed racing and support vessels.
40 year-old Nevor was awarded USD$1.46M by a US District Court Judge to compensate him for lost future earnings and the pain and suffering endured when he tore his bicep off the bone while trying to transfer between the TP52 Vesper and its tender.
As usual in any maritime case the Court’s lubberly opinion is a little painful to read, but given the applicability of the Jones Act, it was an easy call – despite Moneypenny’s arguing that ‘it was his own fault’.  Also as usual, the real story remains hidden, though Kenny’s life (and media business) seems like an open book .
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