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third mate
The 2016 Greenland Climate Project will be starting on June 2nd and finish October 1st. We will be conducting most of our research in Northwest Greenland. The R/V Ault is already in Greenland, Ocean Research Project will be covering your transportation costs to and from Greenland and will provide three hots and a cot during the expedition. We do not have enough funding to provide a salary.
As a 3rd Mate your job will be to help in all aspects of the expedition but your job can be broken down into two categories.
Not just will we be sailing from one location to another regularly but we will also spend a good deal of time navigating ice. You have to know your way around a sailboat as there will be times when your are alone at the helm. You have to have experience at sea. You will also spend time at the helm in and around heavy ice. This is particularly difficult. Imagine you are surrounded by so many large ice bergs that the horizon has been blotted out by what looks like a continuous wall of ice in all directions.
You have to navigate a 42 foot schooner through a maze of large ice bergs, which break off into smaller ice bergs and are scattered everywhere. You need a fearless disposition. At times we will be operating for 2-3 days continuously having to navigate through heavy ice for the entire duration. The reason there is so much ice navigation is because most of our research is going to be conducted in the uncharted ice chocked fjords of Northwest Greenland. To get to the face of a large glacier you have to go through a maze of ice. If the idea of this freaks you out in any way please don’t apply.
You will be spending some of your free time working on the boat. Ill be helping you and I don’t want to spend too much time doing it but in the remote corners of Northern Greenland you have to keep up on all maintenance big and small. We will be spending most of the first two weeks getting the boat ready. I need someone who has some experience working on a sailboat.
You must have a good attitude, especially when things get tough. We will be spending a lot of time in very close quarters, its important that everyone gets along. Its going to be a lot of hard work but it will also be an expedition of a lifetime.