be smart

Big Pimpin’
be smartCape 2 Rio 2017. The name says it all –  a fantastic yacht race between two of the world’s foremost tourist destination cities. An easy mostly light downwind, 3500 nm ocean crossing. Notice of race is available here.
As a promotion to attract a large multihull fleet Smart Yachting is offering to build two SmartTri40’s at cost on the condition that the yachts enter the Cape2Rio2017 race.
We currently have three confirmed SmartTri40 entries. Love to build yours!
The factory is in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a perfect opportunity to commission and customise the SmartTri40 to customer specification, whilst enjoying a holiday before the race. On arrival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the yacht can be disassembled and shipped in two forty feet containers to anywhere in the world or sailed to the Caribbean, USA or Europe.