look out, above!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.04.07 AMWith gamey reindeer meat, hard-to-catch codfish, angry polar bears, and rising sea levels, it ain’t as if Greenlanders don’t have enough problems.  And now they’ve got an incredibly rare January hurricane to deal with!
That’s right, folks – The first January hurricane since before WW2 was born yesterday, and Hurricane Alex is packing 80-knot winds on his Northward ride.  Trivia: While January hurricanes are exceedingly rare, Greenland taking one on the chin isn’t.
Learn more and decide whether this storm should be called a Blizzicane or a Snowicane in the thread.
And as for you right-wing retarded climate change deniers…oh fuck it. If you don’t have this figured out by now, we can’t help you.