the long and short of it

anarchy nyd downwind 2The Newport to Ensenada race is a throwback to the old days of what coastal racing in So Cal used to be. It has gone threw some tough times, but it is still here and in many ways better than ever. In addition to the standard course, there is a  shorter course and a new longer course that goes around San Clemente Island before heading to Ensenada.
The folks behind the race are, as always, very dedicated to the event and I want to encourage as many of you to sign up and do the race! They have extended the Early entry discount so save $50 bucks and join the party!
Team Anarchy is going and I can tell you that we are going to race hard and plan to kick ass. We’re throwing the gauntlet (whatever the hell that is) to all Melges 32’s. Melges 30’s, Hobie 33’s, Flying Tigers, et al, to come on out and get your hat handed to you by Anarchy. Our guess is that you just don’t have the stones to step up…
Oh and upon arrival, TA plans to absolutely rip it up in Ensenada. Did somebody say Paris de Noche?
Picture thanks to Da-Woody.  – ed.