need professional help

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I am the owner of the Star 7296, Mader built in 1988. I belong to the SLE fleet in Lorain Ohio, and am in the final steps of the process of doing a full renovation of this old boat. I initially started doing the work by myself, but soon I realized I need professional help to do the serious work. My goal was to have a better boat with the resources I had…
Then I contacted the Beaver Park Marina in Vermilion, Ohio, US with the idea of using their shop space and with professional supervision to be able to do the work by myself. I did  the full deck modification working in their shop space, then they took over from there to do a full fairing of the bottom, keel and ruder plus full paint of the boat. Check the vid.
Now I am taking the boat to Miami (to Arthur) to get done the full upgrade rigging. – Anarchist Victor.