a pair to remember

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 8.20.53 AMOne of the few SA posters who’d not only been there and done that but was more than willing to share all kinds of advice about it without coming off like a know-it-all, longtime delivery skipper and SA junkie Jon Eisberg died at home on December 26th. Longtime cruising SA’er ‘CKoch’ shares her summary of Jon:
Jon was the real deal, He lived life on his own terms and packed a tremendous amount of adventure into his too short time on this earth. He was always willing to share his wisdom and experience with others, and did so in his own humble way. He touched many lives and inspired many people, even those who never got to meet him in person.
Tell Jon how much his advice meant to you in the thread.
Also dying on Christmas was longtime SA’er Ancient Mariner (a/k/a Chris Clark), whose next of kin posted a touching obituary using Chris’s account.  The touching, painful things that only happen when you are part of something bigger.  Fair winds to both, and our apologies for letting the holiday season get in the way of a more timely tribute to these valued Anarchists.