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wpWe know we’re late with this. Rex was one of the guys when I was growing up was just one of the legends. I remember my first long distance at 18 years old race was the MDR to Puerto Vallarta on a Ranger 33 ┬ánamed Hornblower with Gary Swenson.
We won the fuckin’ thing overall on corrected time and my boyhood dreamd came true when they rafted us between Ragtime and Windward Passage.
Rex and the Passage boys were awesome to us and I’ll never forget it – ed.
One of the great old maxi yacht crew, Rex Banks, passed away a few weeks ago. He wasn’t a boat owner or a tactician, he was simply one of the guys that was relayed on, for over 50 years, to get the job done for a lot of the big names.
He was part of the team that built the original Windward Passage on the beach in the Bahamas for Bob Johnson. He goes back to long before guys were getting paid to race, he did it for the love of the sport. – Greg Palmer.