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chillin' in the keys

Key West Race Week’s new management has started to move in the right direction, stopping Premiere Racing’s hemorrhage of entries over the past few years with a current entry list of 140 boats.  Most importantly for the event’s success, a decent number of handicap boats have shown up, and the world is certainly watching the once-great regatta to see if it will survive in the new era of American yacht racing.
Unfortunately, it looks like there isn’t much ‘champagne sailing’ for you if you’re competing in 2016 – in fact, it looks downright chilly. So bring your layers and get ready for some breeze!  Here’s the forecast from SA’s own Mark Michaelson – watch the thread here for more info.
I have been asked more than a few times recently what effect El Nino is likely to have on the KWRW weather. The answer is not a simple one but I will do my best to give all of you headed down for the event a glimpse into what is likely on the way.  If you are arriving early (Like this weekend) then I suggest you enjoy cocktails this evening, a bloody mary on Saturday morning and some mimosas on Sunday as sailing is going to suck from 6PM today through Sunday night.
Monday should find the wind machine turned back on for some lovely breeze albeit accompanied overcast and scattered showers. High 60s to low 70s during the daylight hours Monday. Temperatures drop and more wind comes in for mid week. DRYSHIRT HOODIES are definitely the call for apparel. Wednesday is looking like big boy breeze (20+kn) so sport your Pro-Tech base layer and foulies on top. If you are looking to shake it down for real ahead of KWRW, this would be the day to do it. Here’s the bad news…High temps may scratch 60 if you are lucky. Right now Thursday is looking like Sailing in Michigan day as temps even at 10AM are sub 50 degrees F’.  Hey at least it will be sunny as compared to the heavy overcast Sunday through Wednesday…
More later on the actual KWRW weather (Following week) but as you can see, you need to be prepared for potentially windy, cold and wet weather.