fuck you, Israel

That is the only possible takeaway from this useless, throwaway “statement” from ISAF, er, we mean “World Sailing”. It really should be “World (except Israel) Sailing”.  And you wonder why why we loathe them??
“World Sailing’s Executive Committee met today, Friday 8th January 2016,to urgently consider the recent unacceptable events at the just concluded Youth World Sailing Championship in Langkawi, Malaysia. Having undertaken a thorough investigation of this matter with the full co-operation of the IOC, it was decided as follows:
In future the organisers (MNAs, regional organisations, national organisations, international classes, etc) of all international sailing competitions will be required to comply with specific conditions to ensure that all competitors from all countries can participate equally. If these conditions are not met specific sanctions will be applied to any future international sailing competitions held in that country.
Details of the conditions will be published next week.”