das boot

SpatenBootGlassIn an almost unheard of occurrence, The Ed is going to make a public appearance. The only thing is that you’ll have to be in Germany to see him….
Scot Tempesta and his girlfriend Raina are heading over for the Dusseldorf boat show, and will be there Jan 23 and 24.
Without question one of the more incredible shows, it will be a chance to meet up with some of the people from our sport whom we have only traded e-mails with, and most that we have never met at all.
Before heading to Berlin, Prague and Auschwitz (insert snarky ISAF/Israel comment here), The Editor will be cruising the entire show for two days, and will be happy to meet up and at least say hello, perhaps even share a Boot or two!
Drop him an e-mail if you’d like to meet the Great One – ha!