Steve Bodner gives you a look at something you will never do…
It’s been 1 year since I sold the formula gear and committed to the kite foil. The transition has been difficult- going from the front of the fleet to the back but as I look back- I wouldn’t do it any different. You’ve got to pay your dues and there lies the fun if you’ve got the right mindset.
Some of the most difficult and frustrating months came in the last year while learning how to kite foil but all the meanwhile – leading me to some of the best and most rewarding sessions I’ve ever had in 30+ years on the water. Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone is how you learn- or at least that’s how I do.
As I look back at the first year of foiling, I discovered quite a few things about myself and the sport. Learning a new sport from scratch is never easy. There’s a paradoxical shift that one must overcome once you realize there are no short cuts or easy way outs. Its only by a series of self discovery that you can begin to unlearn and relearn.
Foiling is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Yes it’s an extension of kiting but it’s a whole new sport. You’re flying above the water and for the first time ever there’s no noise. Not a single splash of water against the hull.
Silence. It really is a game changer.
Some early advice- get a good wet suit and helmet. You’ll spend a lot of time crashing into the water. A loaded foil is nothing you want coming at your head at high speeds. Write your name on your board- chances are- you might lose it the first few sessions and still want it back.
I chose to get a used Spotz 1 foil as the 2nd hand market was ripe and the price was right. As for the board- I had a custom board made from a local SF surf board sharper. WTF am I getting into, I thought to myself handing over nearly $2000 for a platform I had no idea how to use.
The money spent was insignificant to the time spent learning a new discipline. Time on the water was the most valuable asset in climbing the steep curve of learning how to foil.
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