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ISAF World Sailing started playing the ‘blame the Jews’ game with their recent release about the Malaysian visa denials, sending  ISAF ‘Investigator’ Chris Atkins (who was part of the team that negotiated the Malaysia ISAF Worlds agreement) for his ‘deep’ investigation of the situation.  Atkins is clearly working hard – so hard that he could only spend a minute giving a quote to the “Free Malaysia Today” newspaper for their article entitled “Country’s Reputation Not Effected By Visa Denials To Israelis.”
No, we’re not making that up.  And yes, ISAF knew long ago that Malaysia was a problem.  According to ‘Investigator’ Atkins, the event’s success is a ‘result of the commitment shown by the sailors taking part and the hard work of the Malaysian Sailing Association to ensure the smooth running of the tournament.’ “This tournament will be the beginning of a journey for these young surfers towards the 2020 Olympics and that’s why we call this championship a jewel,” said Atkins.  A smooth-running jewel, as long as you ignore hundreds of articles, worldwide outrage, and sponsor problems.
But fortunately, ISAF World Sailing has given everyone attending the London Boat Show a chance to weigh in on the issue on Friday.  As posted yesterday by SA’er ‘winchfodder’ in the contentious thread, you can go and chat with ISAF, so PLEASE GO AND ASK GARY JOBSON WHY ISAF IS SENDING THE GUY WHO HELPED LAUNCH THE MALAYSIA WORLDS TO INVESTIGATE THE MALAYSIA WORLDS.  While you’re at it, ask them how much it cost them to buy Matt Sheahan off.
15:45 January 8th 2016
London Boat Show Theatre | London Boat Show | ExCel
You are invited to join World Sailing for a 30 Minute interactive discussion on the direction of the sport. With topics to be covered including:
The Road to Rio
The Emerging Nations Program
The launch of new World Sailing website
World Sailing TV
World Sailing’s new in-house production facilities
Speakers to include World Sailing’s Vice President Gary Jobson and Chief Marketing Officer Malcolm Page along with special guests including World Sailing TV Series Editorial Director Matthew Sheahan.