that’s not cricket


Local Knowledge

Boxing Day and the start of the Sydney Hobart. To make room for the fleet we leave Constitution Dock for a berth at the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. We watch the start in the club lounge. The local favourite is taken out in a crash. Comanche storms to the lead. The locals switch to the cricket. We polish stainless and fill tanks. Stumps is called. There is much drama off the pitch. The umpires lift the stumps. Comanche takes the gun. The locals cheer. We go to Taste of Tasmania for chocolate dipped raspberries.

The wind dies. Dawn cracks. Rambler and Ragamuffin clear the Iron Pot. They engage in a slow motion jibing duel. Using their canting keels they roll through the jibes like 100’ sailing dinghies. Rambler covers and holds a narrow lead. Less than a mile to go. Ragamuffin breaks cover and storms the line. The locals forget about the cricket. We sail for 2016 and Port Davey. Play ends for the day. – Anarchist Bruce.