scotw 12 31

Our final SCOTW for 2015 is a beauty! We mean two beauties. Say hello to  26 year old Jessie Zevilkink and her best friend Katie  who recently completed “America’s Great Loop”  aboard a 1979 Cal 27 with their dog Reggie. More from Jessie:

“America’s Great Loop” is a 5-7 thousand mile winding waterway circling the eastern half of America, including 13 states with side trips to the Bahamas and Canada. We learned our way through trail and error, stopped when we ran out of money and had to work – or when we ran aground, made every classic mistake in the book, and two years later proved that two regular chicks from the Midwest could become sailors, diesel mechanics, plumbers, and electricians.

I kept a blog of our travels which was later (and unexpectedly) well received ! I now write articles for Cruising Outpost Magazine, as well as give seminars about “America’s Great Loop” at boat shows around the US. Check us out and we hope you like the photo! Oh trust us, we do. Good lord, do we ever. – ed.

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