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Former US Sailing Team member John Casey launched the sport’s first real podcast last week, and he’s not screwing around; JC’s most recently-dropped show features former US Marine and now US Sailing Team Sperry racer Danny Evans getting deep into – well, everything.  You’ll get two hours of a very interesting guest chat, including the gory details of Evans’ horrendous injury (fast forward if you’re squeamish), the real reasons the Paralympics dropped sailing from the 2020 Olympics, how amputees can best sail fast beach cats and foilers, how much quicker John Casey’s Nacra 20FCS is than Ben Ainslie’s, and how much JC wishes he had Danny’s upper body.   A great two hours of sailing chitchat, and we listened to every second.  You should too.

Hook up with Evans’ Facebook Page over here, and bookmark JC’s podcast page over here.