sydney’s folly

For yet another year, the useless media bosses at Yahoo!7 and Rolex have once again missed the boat completely.  Despite their braggadocio about an ’80 person production team’ and the ‘world’s greatest ocean race’ these wonderpeople have still not figured out how to get their feed to several hundred thousand fans around the world – despite the fact that they first streamed this start on the web in 2009.  Live, worldwide, and free. So rather than charging a few bucks for a few hours of Boxing Day fun, non-Aussies are relegated to dodgy workarounds to take what is already free to Australians.

Head over to this thread to find out more, but it’s really quite simple: Use either a free or paid VPN to fool the Yahoo!7’s player about your location.  We’ve found a Sydney address is best if your VPN allows it – ours does.  More questions? Ask in the thread.  We’d suggest you head over to Twitter and let the organizers at @Rolex, @RSHYR, and @CYCAustralia know what you think of their ‘stewardship’ of sailing.

If you’re not interested in jumping over obstacles, go and listen to the Sailor Girl’s live audio broadcast.  She was forbidden from doing any video, too.  The audiocast is below.