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Despite the astonishing worldwide explosion in podcasting, sailboat racing remains one of a tiny few pursuits that lacks even a rudimentary presence in this awesome marketplace of ideas.  We’ve been working to right that ship, but with the highly anticipated Sailing Anarchy Podcast still a little way off, we’re extremely stoked to see our old friend and multiple US Multihull Champ John Casey getting the ball rolling for the sport this week with his own JC Worldwide podcast.  JC still doesn’t have his iTunes set up yet, but you can keep an eye on the release schedule and download the first two episodes over here.

Click on episode 2 above for a great conversation between John and the guy who helped usher in the modern era of sailboat racing video, “The Rev” Petey Crawford.  Petey and JC get into some hilarious behind-the-scene stories from regattas all over the world, discuss the crazy development of drone racing, talk about media boat crashes, insider politics, Gary Jobson, and all the lips and assholes that go into making sailing media sausage.