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keep it 100

For every bikini-babe-clad voyage like Elizabeth’s milk run or the No Expats assfest, there are a thousand sailors living real life on the water.  They live a cramped and stinky life, they never see the green flash (unless it’s a bar name), they can’t find the right key for the Yanmar, and they lose their forestay on the first open water passage.

While these are the rites of passage that every cruiser must face, no one has told the story better online than the crew of the Pestilence from the “Anarchy Yacht Clubb” with the documentary known as Hold Fast.  You can watch them keeping it 100% real in the full show above, and make no mistake – it’s both very entertaining and a required reality check for the whole family thinking of heading to sea for an extended period of time.  Hold Fast is also a great reminder to prospective filmmakers out there that high-quality storytelling can overcome low quality footage, but never the other way around.

Blue Anarchy has some well-written and interesting how-to guides for basic cruising essentials as well; hit them up here.