ya gotta give to get

j 22This season of giving comes with a hell of a payback: win a brand new J-22! The Greenwich Bay Sailing Association (GBSA) is raffling off a brand new, Waterline built and fully rigged J-22 to help build their growing sailing programs. Here’s the skinny:

You may remember that a couple years ago GBSA tried something new by raffling off a J/70 to raise money. Thanks in large part to the exposure provided here at  SA, they  were able to sell all the tickets – which resulted in their being able to buy a fleet of 6 used J/22’s for the program.. That has had an incredible effect on the program. Our adult program has grown and they’ve launched a youth keelboating program which has been fabulous. In addition, they started a J/22 one design fleet at EGYC (where they haven’t had one design racing since the mid 1990’s with JY15’s), and J/22 Team racing! Again – the impact on the program has been truly amazing.

The program has grown to serve about 200 kids each summer. As you can imagine – keeping track of 200 kids on the water requires a lot of coaches and coach boats. Their coach boat fleet is really old and and outboards are constantly breaking down.  The goals for this fundraiser are to be able to replace worn out engines and purchase a RIB for the coaches.

There will only be 650 tickets sold to get a chance to win the 22, and the proceeds go to something really, really good for our sport. So jump over to their site and take your chances!