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As you’d expect, Thursday’s Question of the Day, which asked what an organizer is to do with a dangerously incompetent racer in his fleet, produced copious piles of crap as well as a few gems, including this one from SA’er 10thTonner:

1) Found a “Dickhead Trophy” and let him win it every time.
2) Write “Beware of Incompetent Skipper!” on his topsides with duct tape.
3) Pull all his running rigging out and leave it in a creative macramé on his fordeck.
4) Attach a blow-up sex doll to his stern.
5) Fill his engine exhaust with Sikaflex.
6) Chain his boat to the dock underwater.
7) Attach his propeller backwards.
8) Get a few boats to cover him all the time, everywhere.
9) Glue his companionway shut with epoxy.
10) Glue his head shut with epoxy.
11) Pee in his freshwater tank.
12) Put the video of you peeing in his freshwater tank on youtube.
13) Introduce your bowman to his daughter.

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