get snotty

Big Pimpin’

eelsnotWith a year in and around the race circuit, eelsnot has outperformed many skeptics!

Eelsnot is becoming more recognized as a key element for winning programs moving sailors up the ranks farther than they have been before, while keeping the top runners at the top.

Eelsnot seems to be keeping hulls clean for entire regattas, (and longer), which have allowed many sailors to enjoy more of the social perks the events have to offer, not to mention a few extra Rum and Cokes, (thank you eelsnotman!)

We have seen eelsnot successfully used on every class from Lasers to the Super Maxi. We even hear some chatter of eelsnot assisting in breaking some world records, (we will find more on that one for you). All in all eelsnot is here to stay. For more information check out their website.