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A little backstory to a what is it thing we did a few weeks back…

what is it 12 10.pngSeaways is a French company founded by Pierre Bourcier in Brittany and operating in the maritime environment for the last 20 years. Our core skills are about bathymetry, sonar imaging and current profiling, applied to mapping, pollution response, geophysical survey, racing or scientific research. We develop surface, underwater systems including buoys, drifters.

Seaways is involved as engineering consultancy with the Austrian Sailing Olympic team to manage all the measurement systems development wind & current including the survey in Brazil for now 3 years.

Cross over our studies for the Austrian sailing team, Seaways manage his proper scientific business for the environmental monitoring including terrain modeling (3D maps of the sea belt, physico chemicals measurements, current modeling, water quality sampling and analysis). The Guanabara bay is some how our garden to push as very operational our systems, unmanned surface vehicle, drifters, all developed in our laboratory to make data acquisition campaign and terrain modeling.

Our racing culture, boat building expertise, knowledge of the composite building based on various participation on oceanic projects or America’s cup challenge help us to understand some fundamental parameters to build the hydrodynamics forms of our prototypes for harsh environments. The capacity to operate in hostile and complex aeras is a key factor to collect good data with a high quality.

We aim to develop our innovative solutions as an answer to coastal erosion, pollution crisis, water quality monitoring. Our goal is to provide breakthrough technology, coasts effective, easy, flexible to deploy and highly connected to the smart phone, tablet and open to the big data market (sensors clouding) with quick and fast data restitution. A new economical model which make the survey really affordable. Very recently, we show in Brazil our bathymetry capabilities to seismic researcher, physico chemicals and current acquisition we made for biologists.

As a start’up we are now looking to investors to develop and solidify our innovative operation robots, systems and services all over the world. As important as the environment preservation, the Austrian medal for the JO is also one of our goals…