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Question of the Day:

“I’m keeping this sufficiently vague to not name names or play “guess which fleet”,

We have a competitor in our local racing area for the last few years who is out of control.

These are 30-50 foot keelboats, often fairly casual racing. Our races are open to any competitor with a valid phrf cert, and we’d like to keep it that way if possible. We’re not trying to be exclusive.

We have a growing fleet, and want to be open and encourage more racers, but one individual has been involved in multiple collisions, and has near-misses almost every week. Even after being found at fault by a protest committee he refuses to accept any responsibility, or even recognize his lack of understanding of the racing rules, or basic sailing for that matter.  He has been responsible for 100% of our protests for the last few years, and has lost all of them.

He is always DFL, and burns through crew continuously.

There are a few owners of racer/cruisers who refuse to come out on the racecourse because of him, and those of us running our small club are worried it is only a matter of time until he injures someone.”

What would you all do?