you cannot make this shit up

Remember this asshole? Killed a woman while operating a power boat way too fast, way too stupidly and possibly way too drunk? Right, well take a look at what the idiots in this podunk town have done…

The Clearlake City Council appointed Council member Russell Perdock as mayor at its regular meeting on Thursday night, bringing to an end Denise Loustalot’s two-year run as the top executive of the town. Perdock and Vice-Mayor Gina Fortino Dickson were both nominated for the position but the gridlock was decided when Bruno Sabatier seconded the version listing Perdock as mayor. The final vote was unanimous.

Perdock was nominated by Joyce Overton and Dickson by Loustalot. The new mayor was voted to the city council in 2014. He served through several contentious debates, including an attempt to bar the cultivation of marijuana within city limits.

Perdock bring years of experience to the post, but he also has a sometimes difficult history. He joined the Lake County Sheriff’s office in 1986, climbing to the rank of chief deputy. He also served on the city’s planning commission. His time in service of the area was briefly marred by his involvement in a fatal 2006 boating accident.

“Involvement?” Holy fuck, is everyone on the take?