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Big Pimpin’

veloictek pimpThe elves at Velocitek’s North Pole Shore headquarters have been working hard to make the best compass money can buy  even better. The Shift now comes with an adjustable smart damping algorithm and an anti-reflective / anti-glare lens.

Here’s what Paralympic Gold Medalist and multiple-time 2.4mR World Champion Heiko Kroger had to say about the new features:

“I’ve used the new Shift for two days in Rio now. To make it short: f*****g great!
Screen is cool! But the damping is really amazing. We had 6-16 knots, chop and a long groundswell from south. Current against wind and the 2.4mR behaves like a rodeo horse in chop!

I used damping level 1 and the Shift ignored all the fast jumps my 2.4mR made and showed the shifts very clear. Nothing else. It was also much easier to set the port and starboard reference angles.The Shift helped me a lot to decide when to tack or not. Good job! There is no other compass on the market like this.”