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nat 2 cat

MIT’s Hart Nautical Museum houses the 14,000 plans for the 2600 vessels designed and built by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company from 1869 to 1945. The Herreshoff Legacy Project will provide public access to an online database of the drawings and photos in addition to a curated exhibition on MIT’s Cambridge, Massachusetts campus. Pictured above is Nat Hereshoff’s second catamaran, Tarantella.

In addition, MIT will collaborate with the Mystic Seaport Museum and the Herreshoff Marine Museum to partner in creating the Herreshoff Digital Collection, providing online access to over 36,000 drawings, photos, models, & documents in all 3 collections for sailors worldwide.

Sailing Anarchy sailors owe a debt of gratitude to Nathanael Herreshoff who designed the first racing catamarans, and first fin keel sailboats, in addition to 6 America’s Cup winners…and we are still trying to perfect cats and fin keels! Cap’n Nat’s Amaryllis catamaran won its first race way back in 1876: we are about to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the first major catamaran victory in all of yacht racing at the NY Centennial Regatta by the Herreshoff designed cat, after which multi-hulls were banned from organized sailing races pretty much for 70 years after.

It is fitting that the yachting community support this effort to make the work of the original Sailing Anarchist accessible online and onsite. Online tax-deductible contributions can be made here.

To discuss exhibit sponsorship of this million dollar project, contact Hart Nautical Museum curator Kurt Hasselbach at [email protected]. Herreshoff graduated MIT in 1870, and was among the first to apply scientific engineering to making boats faster, lighter, and stronger. Thanks to Anarchist Mark.