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Anonymous questionnaire aiming to reference the actions of regattas and offshore racing all over the world. It’s French, sorta.

Under witch rules are you racing?
Model/ kind of yacht.

Lenght overall.
Home harbour.

Ownership of the yacht.
Your racing profile.
Kind of course.
Major objectives of the season, First event.
Name of the regatta

Number of participant in this event.

Second event.

Number of participant of this event.

Third event.

Number of participant in this event.

Source of funding of the season.
Operating budget.
(approximate, in local currency, without vat, without yacht purchase)


French brands and shipyard.
Please write some french brands involved in yacht racing you know. Exepeted cruising brands

Comments and appreciation on french racing products.

Products and services you need.
Help us determine your needs or the products your dream!

Mail adress.
If you want to receive survey results.