no alibi

Big Pimpin’

alibi side bannerGiven the news about Gunboat today, it is purely coincidental, yet interesting timing to announce our newest advertiser here at SA, Alibi Catamarans.

They build what looks to be a pretty innovative product, with some interesting concepts as well. And for those not ready to purchase, they are offering some nice charter packages. If you want to spend a week or more onboard an Alibi, it will be possible to charter both the 54 and 65 footer as soon as 2016 in Phuket.

The quality of the destinations will match one of the Alibi catamarans: Langkawi, Andaman and Nicobar islands through the most beautiful spots in the South East Asia: Ko Phiphi, Ko Roknok, Ko Lipe… Contact [email protected]catamarans.com