We wondered what Philippe Kahn has been up to…

First test sail and we were amazed with the stability compared to a Nacra FCS or a Flying Phantom. 2 years in the making. Compjetely different from a Nacra FCS. Significantly lighter 2+ feet wider, stiffer… 3 Rd generation foils and rudders systems. Look at the stability on foils, the difference between a Volkswagen and a Porsche. Two years on the making. The only common component with a Nacra FCS are the hulls that foil out of the water anyway, those are a good design, are carbon and are out of the water most of the time. An amazing 20 ft machine.

Perhaps the highest performance in the world. Beautiful to sail. Snoozy.. Which is great because most foiled are always on edge. It took us two years to achieve this balance!