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DC was dismasted today in San Diego’s Hot Rum race; early reports suggest they were flying a masthead A-sail in a good breeze (12-15) on a close reach on the first leg when the tip broke off at the hounds.

UPDATE: We sent Dennis a note asking how it went down.  Here’s his response:

Not sure as the top of the mast is suspended 40 feet above the deck,  We suspect the ball fitting on the end of the fitting attached to the D-3 at the top of the mast failed,  It will be difficult to know until we see it on the ground,  In any event it will be costly and time consuming to put back in a racing mode,  It could be spliced but would not be the same.    Possible it is the end of her career as a race boat,   Maybe best served as  a “head boat ” doing whale watching! 

cheers dc