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nautalytics 11 15 adWhen we first used our Nautalytics Compass, we noticed an immediate change in our upwind performance. With large numbers, lifts and headers almost hit you in the face. Our competitors noticed the difference in our game immediately. I’m not saying it’s the only reason we won, but our Nautalytics Compass certainly played a big role in us winning our first North American Championship” Ed Montano and Shannon Devine, 2015 Buccaneer 18 North American Champions

“The phrase, ‘Less is more’ is definitely a true statement with the Nautalytics compass. This compass is far more reliable, accurate and simple than the other units on the market allowing it to exceed user expectations. The long battery life and large digital display makes it easy to see, even through polarized sunglasses, giving us the leading edge on our competition. A must need item to stay ahead of YOUR competition.” Todd Hiller, J-70 USA 207

“I received the new unit today and it looks great! Thank you for your GREAT customer service… the crew AND I love the product! There were 13 boats invited to our Harbor Championship in Dana Point this year… We finished 5th overall, our best finish in the 4 years I have owned the Henderson 30, behind a Sydney 41, 2 Flying Tiger 100’s and a J 125 (tough competition). Thanks again” Chuck Bayless, Henderson 30 USA 301

Be part of the team and tell us your story. The Alloy Compass is a DIGITAL MAGNETIC COMPASS. Designed to replace the high-end globe compass, it features a large 1.4” high LCD display made for use with polarized sunglasses. It also offers ultra-low energy consumption electronics with a solar cell, worry-free battery, all housed in a solid, anodized aluminum case for only $335.00. You get the information you need when you need it. Navigation made SIMPLE. www.nautalytics.com

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