where the wild things really are

Local Knowledge

wild thingWas mucking around (cursing-at-the-piece-of-shit-engine-cuz-it-just-won’t-fuckin-start) on my 4KSB in Americas Cup harbor (or; hobo harbor as someone I know calls it) here in Dago the other day, when this flapped into view.

“WTF is that?”

Google tells me its a ‘phyllorhizz punctata’, a ‘floating bell’, an ‘Australian spotted jellyfish’, or using a name that is more on par with my IQ; a ‘white spotted jellyfish’.

As the name suggests, it doesn’t belong here. It does belong on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Experts on these matters, say it could be that the jellies latched onto ships, or, were carried in ships ballast tanks & discharged (yes, I’m looking at you WOXI, or, brought over by El Nino.

All I can tell you is that these buggers sting, and I hope more Aussie wildlife isn’t on the way, cuz we don’t want your dangerous/scary/poisonous shit polluting our precious bay!¬†And, for what its worth, despite some most creative cursing, the pos engine did not start, making this facking white spotted jelly the highlight of my otherwise pathetic day. – Anarchist Ralph.