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whale tale

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.53.06 AMCanadian First Nations members were first on the scene after the 65′ whale watching vessel Leviathan 2 went down on a clear, moderate day off Tofino, BC, with Albert Titian grabbing this shot of the horror show.  Total casualty count is 6, with five dead, one missing, and 21 rescued, and it’s not the first time Jamie’s Whaling Station has lost whalewatchers, either, if you can believe that.

The cause of the partial sinking remains a mystery: Is it another bit of evidence of a new aggression from a whale population that continues to lose their fear of humans? Deferred maintenance of pumps and stuffing boxes, or a sub strike?  The RCMP is digging, and we’ll know more soon.  Story here.