life change

Something a little different…

In one month, November 1st, I Leo Goodrich 45, Massachusetts born, St. Sebastians 1988, Georgetown Class of 1992 and “desk guy” for the past 23 years will be leaving Quincy and Falmouth Massachusetts for 15 weeks to head to Gibraltar to obtain my Yachtmaster Offshore certificate with a commercial endorsement at Allaboard Sailing.

I am excited about this 180 degree “desk to the dock” new chapter in my life and have decided to blog and video about the experience. I am blessed to have two amazing sons 17 and 14. My immediate family is close, loyal and fun. I have the good fortune of having the best group of caring, smart, funny and crazy friends of any person i know.

Certain individuals have been supportive and encouraging beyond words. EBPCMMD. They know who they are

The preparation is full underway so here are some subjects that I would love feedback on:

Good books to download for the flights

Thoughts on offshore sailing jackets and boots?

GoPro camera and WordPress advice

Yachtmaster exam stories

Traveling in Gibraltar anecdotes?

Has anyone ever done a complete 180 degree turn and career change? Lawyer to Carpenter, Accountant to Chef, Landscaper to Heart Surgeon?

Read on.